Western Saddle Fit - The Basics

This 67 minute video is designed for anyone who wants to know if this saddle will fit this horse. The Basic Principles - the three Ps plus one - are foundational and are emphasized throughout the video. If you get them right, the saddle will work for the horse. Although planned with riders in mind, this video doesn't just skim the surface. Anyone involved with western saddles will benefit from the information presented. Read more...

Here's a quick introduction to what all is discussed in the video.

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Coming Soon: Western Saddle Fit - Well Beyond the Basics

Currently in production and (hopefully!) coming later in 2017, the 4-5 hour video set covers what is in the Basic video in much more depth so you understand the "whys", not just the "whats" of Western saddle fitting. This video is designed to be useful to professionals from all segments of equine industries, yet is understandable to riders who just want to delve more deeply into Western saddle fit knowledge. Read more...

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