Western Saddle Fit: Well Beyond the Basics (Streaming)

Western Saddle Fit: Well Beyond the Basics (DVD Set)


This 4 - 5 hour long video is just what equine professionals - saddle makers, trainers, competitive riders, equine health workers, etc. - will find useful in understanding western saddle fit, but riders of all types who want a deeper understanding of the topic will enjoy it as well.

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It expands on the topics we cover in The Basics, plus gives you a lot more! There are multiple examples given when discussing trees, saddles and horses. Rigging types and positions are explained. We have a troubleshooting section in this video, as well as a section on how to communicate back shapes. Denise presents a section on anatomy and biomechanics as well as doing some myth-busting. We will hopefully have it available later in 2017 and we’ll let you know when it is out!

Here's what you'll be learning about

  • Introduction
  • Basic Principles
    • Cutlery
    • Saddle fit and the bell curve
  • Parts of the tree
  • Tree factors that affect fit
    •  Misconceptions about bars
  • Evaluating a tree
  • Parts of the saddle
  • Saddle factors that affect fit for the horse
  • Saddle factors that affect fit for the rider
  • Evaluating a saddle
  • Evaluating a horse for fit
  • Evaluating a tree on a horse
  • Evaluating a saddle on a horse
  • How to saddle a horse
  • Effect of the rider
  • Padding
  • Breast collar and other tack
  • Signs of saddle fit problems
    • Checking for soreness
  • Troubleshooting saddle fit problems
  • Measuring a horse for fit – aka communicating back shape
    • Dennis Lane Equine Back Profiling system
  • Breaking in a new saddle
  • Flex tree and treeless saddles
  • Anatomy
  • Myth-busting
    • The horse’s back rounds up under the saddle
    • The external abdominal vein
    • You can't have pressure on the loin
    • Pressure on Cranial Nerve 11 causes behaviours
    • You have to have a vertical cinch